Why have so many of the world’s leading manufactures adopted Lean manufacturing techniques in some shape or form? Put simply, the combination of cost savings and a highly responsive production facility brings them immediate competitive advantage. With our years of experience implementing Lean techniques in Ireland, England and China, you can be assured of a swift return on your investment.


Getting the most out of your plant, equipment and people has never been more crucial. Our 20+ years of manufacturing experience allows us to quickly understand your manufacturing processes and propose how productivity and efficiency improvements may be achieved. This is a FREE service – call us to arrange an appointment, or use the contact form and we will call you.


Production scheduling and the management of raw material and finished goods inventory can be a challenge. The accuracy and efficiency of these operations are fundamental to achieving on-time delivery and keeping a handle on costs. As many have discovered, computer software can be an aid but it is never the sole solution. Instead, a foundation of well designed processes and procedures must first be established if data integrity is to be maintained. Companies that are prepared to make this level of commitment will reap significant long-term rewards.


A well designed factory layout plays a significant role in the effectiveness of any efficiency or productivity efforts. Giraffe Logic uses 3D CAD modelling software to produce an accurate representation of the proposed layout, allowing the design to be easily assessed by all involved. This information is then used to generate 2D dimensional drawing, detailing machine placement, aisle lines, boxes etc. This process has proven to give a smooth transition with minimal disruption.


The efficiency of many manufacturing operations hinges around the quality of the jigs and fixtures. This is particularly true in a Lean Manufacturing environment where a high product mix is often desirable, so a quick change-over becomes essential. Giraffe Logic uses Solid Edge 3D CAD modeling software from Siemens PLM, to design all of its jigs and fixtures. The model information is then transferred to an appropriate CAM package for machining, cutting or punching, ensuring absolute precision.

Giraffe Logic is a consultancy dedicated to improving the profitability and competitive advantage of companies within the manufacturing sector. We specialize in designing and implementing production processes based on Lean Manufacturing principles. 

As a foundation for those processes, we also design factory layouts, kanban systems, stock management systems, special equipment as well as jigs and fixtures.

We design systems to:

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