At Giraffe Logic our primary goal is to optimize your factory's efficiency.  We believe this is achieved through an intelligently designed factory layout, one that delivers superior production workflow and provides immediate clarity to the status of production targets or takt.

With a deep understanding of Lean Manufacturing techniques, Visual Factory principles and MRP/ERP systems, we have the experience to bring you a well rounded and comprehensive layout solution.

Our design process is also mindful of the relevant legislative requirements, ensuring your project comes in on time and on budget by meeting necessary standards first time. 


All projects are  modelled in 3D CAD and the model or "virtual factory" becomes the single source document, not just for layout planning but also for the subsequent drawings used to instruct building contractors, M&E contractors, flooring contractors and machine installers.


The ability to successfully convey ideas amongst stakeholders is key to a successful project, so we are committed to using the best possible visualization tools.  Whether it's simulating production workflow or simply envisioning a work space,  we have the ability to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions throughout the project.



Whether you're simply introducing some new plant into your facility or you're relocating your factory to an entirely new complex, we have the expertise to fully project manage the transition.  

By developing  a "move strategy" followed by a detailed move sequence, we help minimize both production loss as well as disruption to customer supply.  

Our commitment to delivering successful, on-time projects will leave you free to concentrate on running your business.




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